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workshops coming soon.

They have spoken! Tarot cards 101

Tarot : online

  • Learn how to read Tarot cards and understand their meanings, even the hidden meanings within the pictures.
  • How to conduct a reading and use your own mediumship/intuition.
  • Discover about the history, origins and philosophy behind Tarot.
  • Touch on numerology.
  • How to layout a spread according to your purpose.
  • Use Tarot in conjunction with specialist paranormal equipment.
  • Use Tarot on an investigation.


Psychic Art- Day/weekend/monthly workshops in various locations.

My little desk surrounded by my paintings.
  • What is Psychic art? What are its origins? What does it mean? Learn about theories, practices as well as the philosophy behind it.
  • Discover the meaning behind what is drawn/painted/sewn or even sculpted whilst using stone tape theory/psychometry to tap into the history of a building or life and be able to ‘draw’ on that connection.
  • you’ll also learn painting styles, Drawing techniques, brief Art history, how to work on different mediums(clay, knit, canvas, woodwork, screenprint, sow etc).

Dates and time announced soon.



The History of Spiritual Mediumship- currently only available online.

dates and times announced soon.
  • Delve into the past to the mystical beginnings of Spiritual Mediumship, learn about the cultures, beliefs and why they’re practised. You’ll Review case studies and evidence to compare with theories, folklore and Scientific studies.paypal-customized-size-smart-button-1.