Tewkesbury Museum

This is a place I love to visit when I’m with my children. About a year ago we visited the museum and while we were there something happened. We were on the middle floor, and as I entered a particular room I felt a little light-headed, (that could be attributed to the mountain of stairs I had to climb), and I felt like I was stood on a boat, swaying back and forth in my mind’s eye. I could see my children playing with the dress-up box on the other side of the room and in front of me was a table with victorian items.

Tischkegel_012.jpgWithin the items, were several Victorian toys, one of which was a wooden game of skittles. However, this skittles game had a ball attached via a string, and to knock down the skittles you had to swing the ball. So why am I explaining this game to you, well… Something peculiar happened, the ball on the string span around its pole and knocked the skittles down, yet no one was near! I rubbed my eyes in disbelief and genuinely for a few moments could not quite process what I had just witnessed with my own eyes(not somebody else’s eyes, but my own). I tried to see if myself standing on different floorboards would move it and it did not move. This was interesting but I did think to myself that it could have been the floorboards, in fact, I was quite adamant it was as to suggest that it was something else would open a whole can of worms. A few weeks later and we returned and nothing happened except they had been in receipt of some new artefacts and there seemed to be an ‘air’ around the second floor, many of the items are indeed linked to reenactments that the town puts on yearly. Every year Tewkesbury put on a medieval fair, where they reenact the battle of Tewkesbury. (I highly suggest everyone should visit/see this at least once in their lives as its absolutely amazing and free!). 


however, a few weeks go by and I had a dream about the miniature fairground at the Tewkesbury museum, where a little girl is trapped and the roof is falling in on her. This girl was actually made of wood, was painted and was no bigger than your thumb. The girl kept saying ‘it isn’t working’ and was showing me water dripping through the ceiling. I knew I was supposed to go back and that I had to go to the top floor to the miniature fairground.

I returned that weekend with my husband and children to join in the Easter hunt they held there. I hadn’t told anyone about my dream and was anxious to go to the top floor, we joined in with the hunt and finally, it took us to the top floor.

Now as a sceptic I don’t believe in ghosts as many perceive them, but rather recordings of time through inanimate objects, materials and energy that is captured through turmoil or overwhelming feelings, as energy cannot just de-exist it has to go somewhere. I believe that time is linear and what we perceive as ghosts is nothing other than time echos of the past (now bare with me here) or an alternate reality or dimension. Now your probably going what the dickings

After seeing this I decided that I did indeed need to investigate here!

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