Kelvedon Nuclear Bunker

I passed woo hoo

This was my first ever car journey by myself , it was only 2 days after I passed my driving test I drove to Kelvedon Nuclear Bunker to join @barrighai @gpsparanormal for a paranormal investigation. I was extremely excited about this venue as regardless of the 1 a entities I’ve always wanted to go in a Nuclear Bunker! I’ve always been fascinated with air raid shelters and bunkers ever since I was a child.

So, I drove to the venue and I arrived 2 hours early. I decided to check out the surrounding area and I found this grave yard whilst i was driving around. I was quite tempted to have a little stroll around but decided not to as, well it’s pretty obvious really, it was scary as f*#* and I was alone with no phone! You know in scary movies and you do that thing when you shout at the screen saying “don’t go in there!”. At that moment I had that running through my head. Funny thing is, I kept getting lost between this graveyard and the crematorium 5 minutes down the road. I finally found my way back to the bunker and waited outside – I had around half hour before everyone arrived to i sat in a car park. Whilst sitting there i could hear tapping on my window- it was a horse licking the window.

went inside

tour around the building

was with A

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