Woodchester Mansion 2018-2019


2019 write up coming soon on Para-not-normal blog

So, this blog is going to be a combination of all the times I have ventured/experienced at the Woodchester Mansion. As I am there so often I would have to make countless amounts of blogs. So, here is all my best bits from 2018-2019.

  • Part 1: The first time I visited the Mansion.

I have always wanted to visit the Woodchester mansion and when I moved to Gloucestershire, I made it a mission of mine to go. However, it took me nearly 3 years just to visit. Regardless today was finally the day! It was the week of Halloween 2018, I and my little family decided we would go to the Woodchester, I cannot explain to you how excited I was. My husband and children thought I was mad, but I really couldn’t care, I was finally going to the Woodchester! We arrived at the car park and it started to randomly snow. We were surprised, as It had been a beautiful Autumn day, cold but dry and all the leaves had fallen and laid crisp on the ground. All around you could see these beautiful shades oranges, reds and yellows scattered amongst the trees. Under the leaves laid a path which seemed to wind and bend and felt magical as it drew you down the path. After 20 minutes of walking (with 3 kids and my husband), we had the feeling we properly should’ve taken the bus down. As this was the first time we had ever been there we were unaware of how long the walk down to the mansion was… If you haven’t been to the mansion make sure you’re prepared for a mile+ walk down(or get the bus). We finally arrived at the magnificent building that is THE WOODCHESTER MANSION!!!



The building towered above us and was set in acres upon acres of forest and farmland, nestled in this isolated valley. It was surreal, I knew that the mansion would be beautiful but I never imagined I would be speechless. We entered the mansion not knowing what to expect. As we paid for the tickets something captured my eye. It was only a book written by the living legend that is @chrishowley ! 20181027_133350_001I proper fan girl’d and of course, I bought a copy (you’re welcome Chris) and took a photo of it in the mansion…and I tagged him in it too…Just to clarify I wasn’t a creepy stalker girl I do actually know Chris lol. 

Now if you have visited the Mansion before you would know about its abundance of prodigious architecture. For those who haven’t, I have to tell you its extraordinary, I mean it’s overwhelming the detail and character built within the walls. Yet even though there are an absents of furniture, you really don’t notice that it is laid almost bare within its rooms as your focus is drawn to its walls and floors. It truly is momentous!

  • Part 2: My first Paranormal Investigation at the Woodchester Mansion with @spiritinvestigatorsUK

woodp1 cover

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BIrIeT2YD0&w=1195&h=672]

  • Part 3:  All the Paranormal Investigations at Woodchester Mansion with @chrishowley 
wcm p2 cover
Coming soon x
  • Part 4: Return to the Woodchester Mansion as a volunteer /First day of Volunteering
It’s official I now work at the Woodchester! best job ever!
  • Part 5: The First event I organised at the woodchester mansion with @gpsparanormal (@barrighai ‘s team)  @spiritinvestigatorsUK and @chrishowley
woodchester gps pnn spirit poster
More Coming soon, Have a Look at the footage I captured from this below x

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Y1qAvuJwtg&w=1195&h=672]

  • Part 6: All the Investigations with @spiritinvestigatorsUK 

There’s a lot to write so bare with me, Coming soon x

  • Part 7: Egely wheel experiment with @nigelwood and @chrishowley 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zD2PK5QCs58&w=1195&h=672]

  • Part 8: All the joint Investigations at woodchester with @wonkywonds and @spiritinvestigators

Coming soon, and It was scary as balls! x


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