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45966156_10161222813195717_4618689555309002752_nThis was my first ever car journey by myself (My car didn’t break down on this one) , it was only 2 days after I passed my driving test that I drove to Kelvedon Nuclear Bunker to join @barrighai @gpsparanormal for a paranormal investigation. I was extremely excited about this venue as regardless of the entities I’ve always wanted to go in a Nuclear Bunker!

I’ve always been fascinated with air raid shelters and bunkers ever since I was a child. This Bunker had three main lives, RAF ROTOR Station, A civil defence centre and a Regional Government HQ.

It was designed for up to 600 military and civilian personnel, possibly even the Prime Minister to organise the survival of the populationThere used to be spare bunk beds in the tunnels, that would help accommodate hundreds of civilians should there be a nuclear attack. 

The Demon CAR !!!

So, I drove to the venue and I arrived 2 hours early. I decided to check out the surrounding area and I found this grave yard whilst i was driving around. I was quite tempted to have a little stroll around but decided not to as, well it’s pretty obvious really, it was scary as f*#* and I was alone with no phone! You know in scary movies and you do that thing when you shout at the screen saying “don’t go in there!”. At that moment I had that running through my head. Funny thing is, I kept getting lost between this graveyard and the crematorium 5 minutes down the road, these were both incredibly spooky looking places. Did I mention that it was a full moon that night and the sky was clear, It was beautiful yet creepy! I finally found my way back to the bunker, I had to travel down this long road covered in trees and autumn leaves on the floor it was something out of a horror movie yet it was just so beautiful. I tried doing a live and I drove up to the location but my go-pro kept falling off the dashboard,  I gave up on that idea. So I carried on down this road and I came to a point were lots of paths leading off, I truthfully had no idea where the hell I was going so, I just turned right!

I finally passed a sign saying Kelvedon hatch Nuclear Bunker and went through these gates but was met by a tank and army equipment . I had a feeling I wasn’t in the right place as there were no lights on, no cars parked up, Seriously everything just seemed surreal. However I parked up and waited outside. – I had around hour and a bit left before everyone arrived. I thought I’m bound to see car lights soon i’ll just look out for them and follow in the general direction. Whilst sitting there I could hear tapping on my front windows. I assumed it was leaves falling off the trees or just the wind. But then the tapping grew louder and moved from one side to the other. Now I must tell you it was pitch black and I had no outer lights on only ones inside. I couldn’t see out of the windows. The tapping subsided for a little bit. I decided to give Barri a quick call to double check I was in the right place, On the right date but there was one problem my phone still hadn’t charged enough.


I then heard the snap of some twigs in the distance, I have to admit I was freaking out a little bit. I then giggled and thought that it might be Phil or someone trying to scare me. But I sat there for more than half an hour and there was no body there! All this time I was sat waiting, I could hear twigs snapping, Owls hooting, Tapping on the windows and the wind was howling . It was very creepy! I saw some car lights going passed the entrance and I decided to start my car as I started the car. I heard a scraping down my window along with tapping, I turned on the lights and there stood a horse licking the window!

56595419_1963867137072835_8223913673693855744_nI finally met up with everyone and went inside. We had a tour around the building in side the building there were many items to look at, However I generally didn’t pick up on much until we sent into the tunnel system. I picked up on a military nurse who was rushing down the corridor , I didn’t get the idea that she was rushing to someones aid but I did feel like she was carrying something she needed to pass to someone in one of the rooms upstairs. I felt their urgency and the sheer panic.  We did some calling out in the tunnels and received bumps and bangs but this could have been attributed by the wind. Whilst in the tunnels we also received some interesting Temperature readings that seemed to fluctuate at times the temperature dropped as much as 5 degrees in certain areas.

We separated into groups myself, Chris and Andy(GPS) with a few guests headed down to the Hospital wing. There were hospital beds and Surgical Instruments laid out. In the corner there laid a coffin. We performed an experiment where I laid in he coffin with an ghost detector app (I like to try different apps you can download on your android now and then, most are purely for entertainment, but i have a few that are really interesting), Voice recorder and temperature Gage.


I laid in the coffin for around half hour in silence. We called out and awaited responses. Whilst laid in the Coffin I could feel scratching on the coffin above my head. When this happened I kept thinking about a man, very skinny with skin lesions all over their body, wearing a pointy hat. Now I know looking through the history of the venue that there weren’t many deaths recorded there, nor was the actual building itself that old. So the skeptic in me believes that this was my brain just going off in a tangent but, the investigator in me thinks it could possibly be something to do with the land before the bunker was built, or something happened within the walls during construction. We noted some temperate fluctuations and received some interesting words through the ghost detector app, But they didn’t seem to correlate to the feelings we were picking up on or the history of the venue. So I can say that the ghost detector app at this instants didn’t give us tangible evidence at this point. However this being said the ghost detector app did come up with some words that correlated to the building and its history in the next part we went to explore. 

We went to another part of the Bunker. Now it is said that in this section of the building is where all the “secrets” were dealt with during the cold war. Paradoxically as the heat of the Cold War died down, the bunker and it’s ancillary systems were no longer required by the Government, Upon decommissioning in 1992 the bunker was bought back from the government by the Parrish family and is now privately owned. 

We stood in a circle within the main office area calling out. Myself and another thought we saw something move in the corner of the room, we went to investigate and as we walked over we noticed that the clothes on the rail were swinging. In my minds eye I kept seeing a black shadow crawling along the walls and ceiling. As we asked for the entity to step forward there was a thud in the middle of the circle. When this thud happened the app (ghost detector app) spoke and said “shadow”. This was interesting as I was thinking this but didn’t say anything aloud. I then separated from the circle to take some photos of the room and I snapped this picture below. After I snapped this photo, we heard an audible snarl or growl. I did capture this sound however all the footage and Voice recording had disappeared from my equipment by the time I got home! It is a mystery , However I am rubbish with technology so I could have pressed a button that deleted everything however this was on 3 different devices, Strange….

So, I’m just reviewing some of the footage and photographs I took whilst investigating the #kelvedonhatchsecretnuclearbunker with @gpsparanormal … I have a few photos that have some questionable shadows have a look ! This photo was a shutter shot of two photos simultaneously taken **just after taking this photo we heard an audible sound of a snarl/growl** let me know what you think…can you see anything???
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After this room we explored another room which seemed to house many technical devices and stacks. Whilst in this room we had something strange happen. The energy of the room was different to those we’d previously been in, this seemed to be alive almost and was quite creepy. Everyone was sat in silence and then we heard this audible voice saying something but We couldn’t quite understand. It sounded like a machine like voice like one of those old watches that repeats the time. It was very odd and we couldn’t seem to explain it. We also captured a stick figure on a chair in one of the rooms, but this could have been matrixing on the sls behalf as it was in the corner of the room, by previous encounters using the sls, sometimes it can read a figure on anything cross like etc.



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