Hatton Court Hotel part 2

hatton 2 coverI returned to the Hatton Hall and I was met with an abundance of activity. As I set foot into the building my mind began swimming. I felt as though I had stepped into another time zone where I could feel the previous owner live out their day to day lives.

I started in the basement along with Andy from @gpsparanormal. We set up some equipment such as emf reader, Rem pod and the ovious. I had recently downloaded a version of the ovious on my tablet and I wanted to conduct an little experiment to see whether the app would indeed mimic the ovious. We stood in the basement and I received the word “behind” via the app what was particularly interesting the ovious actually said the word “her” at the same time. A few moments went by and I noticed that the room began to darken. I felt hands upon my shoulders and it almost seemed that a body shape appeared on my right hand side. Something leaned into my peripheral vision and I heard a whisper. I ignored it first of all and I assumed that it was my eyes adjusting to the lighting and I thought another team member had spoken. I began to feel uneasy. I could see this mass engulfing the light beside me and I felt a breath upon my check and I heard a voice saying “what are you doing?”

Myself with the gps team at hattoncourt hotel 🙂

This did intern send a shiver down my spine and I felt extremely threatened in the basement. I then left the basement and took a breather outside. I explained to Andy what had happened.

Later in the evening myself and Phil from @gpsparanormal sat in a large hall. Phil has set up a grid light and brought an array of equipment. Phil sat on the window ledge and called out asking if there was anyone who wanted to talk to us. Behind Phil there came a big bang on the window. Phil ran rather quickly away from the window. To clarify the window was looking out on a small court yard which there was no entrance we could use to get out there as the doors were locked. We then broke for a break. As I went to get myself a cuppa I wiped the table and began talking to a guest who had joined us for the evening. We were chatting away about experience’s we’ve encountered in our lives regarding the paranormal. As we were chatting I went to put my spoon in the cup and the cup physically moved and turned. I saw this happen with my own eyes.


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